The Newest Obsession of the Hoggatt Homeschool Kiddos…


With birthday’s right around the corner there has been a lot of talk about gift ideas. One of the more popular requests has been something called Bandaloom Loom Making Kit with 1000+ Pieces.

Ok I’m not an out of touch parent, but I had no idea what this even was! Until my kiddos started coming home with rubberband friendship bracelets from church, I saw them and commented on how cool it was to make something like that to share with friends and I was meet with a “duh” look and the explanation that that was what a Bandaloom was haha!

Well if you are a regular reader you know that we have battled a nasty bug here in our home. My kiddos were sick for over a week with a respiratory virus and given Dr.’s orders to take it easy. That is not something that my kids do well. So, in effort to keep the occupied yet calm I splurged for some early “please be quiet and rest” gifts!

Now an obsession is born!!!! Which I’m ok with!!! This is a cheap time occupier that isn’t screen time and is an excellent fine motor strength-er. On top of that they are creating some cute bracelets to share with friends and family.


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