Clown Around!

clown around


We are just wrapping up our Funshine Express “Hats Off to You” unit! But, before we do I wanted to share one more fun post!

The Fireflies kit included to fun crafts this time! A Party Hat and A Clowning Around Ruffle. I thought it would be fun to combine the two crafts to make a super cute clown costume.

As always the crafts were super simple and easy to prepare and make. We added some fun stickers to the party hats too!



The kids had a blast making the clown ruffles. We used eye droppers and water colored with food coloring to create them. What a great fine motor activity!





No clown is complete without a red nose, right? Use a pom pom with some Vaseline on the back to help it stick. Your clown is complete!



We finished off the clowning by reading “Clown Around” by Dana Meachen Rau. It was fun to have the kiddos act out the story after reading it a few times. And SHHHH…. It was a great gross motor activity!


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