Firefighter To The Rescue

firefighter to the rescue post

As you may or may not know, October is fire prevention and awareness month! What a great opportunity to educate children on the dangers of fire and how to stay safe.

It is very important for every family to have an evacuation plan and a safe meeting place once outside. Talk about and practice the plan regularly. We practice ours once a month! It is also important to make sure that you have working smoke detectors in the main rooms of the house, especially the bedrooms. Test the alarms regularly and replace the batteries once a year. We have chosen October to be that time of year since it is fire month. That way we remember to get it done!

Here is  a fun video for the kiddos to get the discussion started!

Teach your children how to stop…drop…and roll!

Also talk about crawling out under the smoke and practice…practice…practice!

We are reading the Books…

Firefighters to the Rescue

firefighter to the rescue

Melissa & Doug Firefighter Fred to The Rescue


Funshine Express has a cute song to help us learn and practice crawling.

Crawl Low

(sung to “My Bonnie”

When there is smoke in a room,

You need to crawl low to the floor.

Get down on your hands and your knees,

And crawl quickly out to the door.

Crawl low, crawl low,

Crawl low in the smoke to be safe.

Be safe!

Crawl low in the smoke to be safe!

This month’s Fireflies kit also has some cute fire education crafts for the kiddos! Make sure to check out Funshine Express for all the easy options they have!


Fantastic Fire Truck!

fire painting

Fire Finger Painting

Another fun craft is to make fire fighter hats!

Use a paper plate and color or paint them red. Cut partially around the inner circle leaving the outer circle in tacked. Print out a fire badge (see graphic below) and glue onto the front of the hat.


Firefighter Hat

fireman badge

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