Sleepy Sheep!

sleepy sheep


The kiddos loved reading the book “Sleep, Baby, Sleep”. It is such a sweet book! It went perfectly with the Sleepy Sheep craft in the November fireflies by Funshine Express.

They loved the craft and I love how easy they are to prepare. Each child was also able to put their spin on how it should look. Every child designed their night sky all on their own! Even to the littlest hands! I provided star stickers separate from the craft pack for the little ones who couldn’t draw their own. The olders were glad to finally have their white crayons show up!

While our crafts were drying we played a game of “Jumping Sheep”. This is a great gross motor game and wasn’t to rowdy so we could play inside. It is that time of year where it is starting to get super cold outside so inside activities are always a plus.

The game is simple, make a rope line for the kids to stand behind. Then challenge them to jump over the line. Move the line out each time for a bigger challenge or practice counting skills by counting how many times you can jump over the rope each turn.



We ended our class time by reviewing bedtime routines with our “Ready For Bed” game!


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