Jj if for…

We have kicked December off with a bang…or should I say Jump!

I would bargain to say that December is my favorite month to be a homeschool mama! I love doing crafts, talking about Advent (make sure to search “Advent Adventure” on my site to find lots of fun Advent activities!), and just watching the excitement in my children’s eyes as we get closer and closer to Christmas!


Even Kit-Kat is excited for Christmas!

Funshine Express did NOT disappoint! Both of this month’s units are Christmas-y and loaded with Christmas crafts and activities!

Our first unit is “Joyful Jamboree”. It is all about the letter Jj! Make sure to grab your monthly freebies listed below!!!!

J is for Joy…

The kids created these super cute Joy cards and used them to write letters to Santa!



J is for Jingle & Jamboree…

We formed our own J band! We used tinsel colored pipe cleaners to make jingle bell bracelets and the shaker craft from the December fireflies craft kit to make  our Joy tambourines.

You could easily do this craft at home also. We decorated two small paper plates, stapled them together. Then added in unpopped popcorn. I have done this activity before using rice. However,the popcorn works much better since it doesn’t sneak out between the staples and make a big mess.



Our Jingle Jamboree!

J is for Jump…

This month included a great game that the kids LOVED playing! It is super simple too. I enjoy how easy all the materials are to prepare and how much the kids enjoy them.


It includes 4 number cards to work on number recognition. We also used them to practice counting by 2’s (2, 4, 6, & 8). It also has a cube with different movements on it like jump, touch your toes, spin around, etc.. As well as a choose a motion square. The kids took turns drawing and saying the number and rolling the “dice”. Then preforming the action the same number of times as the number drawn. WARNING!!!! Spinning 8 times at my age will make you EXTREMELY dizzy hahaha!


FREE for you this month…

Free Christmas bulb Upper/Lowercase Matching


Free printable worksheets including star dot-2-dot, ginger bread drawing, “what’s different”, and candy cane number matching!

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