“Noon” Year’s Eve!



Happy New Year’s Eve! This year we decided to celebrate the New Year a little early. Instead of staying up super late and having cranky tired kiddos we are doing our celebration at Noon. Hubby and I stayed up last night and created a surprise for the girls. They awoke to a balloon countdown to 12:00pm and a balloon drop.

The idea is that every hour they pop a balloon and do an activity.They are also getting fun party favors with every pop! Then at 12 o’clock we are celebrating with a fun food lunch and a punch toast to a New Year.

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Our first activity is a New Year Wishing Wand from Funshine Express which is included in the January Fireflies curriculum kit.




The kids had a good time designing and decorating the wands. They punched out the octagons (January’s shape of the month). Then added stickers, glitter and lots of color. I wrote 2015 and Happy New Year on the board for the olders to copy onto their wands.


Night Sky Fireworks



Since it is obviously day time and we can’t enjoy the New Year Fireworks we created some INSIDE!!!! Using dark blue paper as our night sky the kids designed their very own firework creations. Then they added multi-colored cake sprinkles to create other fireworks. (craft idea from Funshine Express)


It sure is starting to look like a party!


Time for another balloon POP!


This time we are playing New Year’s BINGO from Thirty Handmade Days! Find the FREE 2015 printable here!



Balloon drop, fireworks, & Party horns in!

HAPPY NOON YEAR’S EVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





Find New Year’s Eve fun food here!

One thought on ““Noon” Year’s Eve!

  1. Love it!! 🙂
    That is a great idea, and it looks like
    they had a lot of fun! 🙂
    You are soooo creative Emmalee.
    Happy New Year to you and your family! 🙂

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