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Since we do school at our dining room table I try my best to keep things organized. It is a must when you have 2 grade schoolers, 3 preschoolers, and 2 babies! Not all mine of course but still…Organization is a MUST!!!!!

However, I still try to keep their work stations fun and personal. We do a lot of color coding! My girls are pink, purple, and turquoise, while the daycare kiddos are orange and red. The babies will get their own color when they get older too.

We also do seasonal crafts to help with the task of keeping everyone’s stuff together. See Back To School Pencil Holders. Well this time we are doing Santa recycled can pencil holders!

What you need…

Soup can, washed and not sharp edges.

Red, white, and black craft paint.

First, make sure your can has no sharp edges. We use a can opener that doesn’t leave any edges.

Next, wash and dry your can.

Then, paint the entire can red and let dry. Ours took two coats to cover.

Once dry, paint a face color for Santa. We mixed red and white to make a rose pink. Let dry again.

Use a sponge to paint on the white beard and hair. Don’t forget the ball  at the end of the hat too.

Once that all drys, paint on the face details and the black outline for his red hat!

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