Lost Mittens

While we lucked out and got an exceptionally warm day for January, winter weather is still upon us. Our next unit for prek is winter weather!

We spent yesterday talking about the differences between summer and winter clothing. We made  a sorting tub with all sorts of different items like shorts, pants, ball caps, stocking caps, swimsuits, coats, etc… Then sorted them into what we would wear during the different seasons.



Next we read “The Three Little Kittens Who Lost Their Mittens”. I had a flannel board set that was fun for them to interact with the story. But, even if you don’t have one it would be simple to make or print off some clip art to follow along.



After our story, we practiced matching skills and color likeness with our flannel story.

For our active game time we played find the mitten. Basically hide and seek but the kiddos took turns hiding the mitten then finding it.

Funshine Express has a great mitten craft this month that the kids really liked making. Here is a sneak peak on how you can make them too!

Using a colored paper, fold it in half “hamburger style”. Trace around the child’s hand making a mitten pattern. Have the children cut the pattern out leaving the paper folded. This will give you two mittens. Flip one over to make the pair. Decorate as desired and tie together with a piece of yarn.



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