Pre-writing Practice

I can not emphasize the importance of pre-writing practice enough! This is the building ground for the love of writing in the future… ok maybe not LOVE but definitely diminished tears!

We happen to have a lefty in the family. I m not sure if poor writing and low fine motor skills are a “lefty” trait but she struggles with it. So i try to come up with fun ways for her to practice and strengthen her writing/fine motor.

Pre-writing is one of the earliest steps that can help. Even before they know their alphabet, shapes, colors, etc… they can make designs and “shapes”. Practicing using their right/left brain to work together to complete a task or crossing their mid-line. You can also sneak in shape, alphabet, and writing, spelling practice without them even realizing it!

Here are some fun play activities that they won’t even recognize as school work! I use different mediums to provide a variety of sensory input. Also you an custom any of these for a child with tactile processing problems.

Paint Bags



Add a small amount of paint and some water to thin it down into a large zip top bag. Press out the air and seal shut. I add a layer of packing tape to the top just to make sure that they can’t open it. The tape it down to the table top. Have them practice finger writing shapes or letters. I like these free writing cards from “Walking by the Way”.

Salt Box

Use canning salt spread in a thin layer to practice alphabet writing. Add in a small skewer as a pencil once finger writing is mastered.



Sand Brushing



This activity comes from Funshine Express January Fireflies kit. I like how they add the use of a small paint brush as the pencil. We used this activity to practice name writing.



How do you practice pre-writing?

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