Things That Go VROOM!

The new year brings a new preschool unit! We are starting off the year by talking about things with wheels. This is perfect for my 4 yr old tom boy! You know since SHE asked Santa for a tow truck and remote control race car. (Which was a step up from last year when she asked for squeaky toys and Santa had to shop in the pet section for her!)

She loved the first activity of painting with cars!

10898016_10100579961559642_9086231610810430167_nWhat a simple yet fun craft for the little ones. Just put paint on a plate and let them run their cars through and make tracks on the paper.



After they dried we added “Things with wheels”.



We then played the “Has wheels…Doesn’t have wheels” sort game from the January Funshine Express Fireflies packet.



Next I printed off a car coloring page for them to color for our “Parking Spot” game. Parking spot is just like musical chairs only we used carpet squares. When I said “parking spot” the kids all found a carpet square. If you didn’t get a square you were the next one to decide when to say parking spot.



Stay tuned for more wheels about fun!

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