Why We Joined The Odd Side Of Life!

Homeschool Oddballs

I have had a lot of questions show up in my Facebook news feed from public school parents, new parents, and even other homeschool parents asking opinions on why/why not to homeschool. Some are curious, others looking to affirm their own thoughts, some are just feeling like public school may not be right for their family.

Before I get on my soap box of why it IS right for our family, I want to make sure that I am very clear on this! Homeschooling is NOT for everyone! Homeschooling doesn’t look the SAME for everyone! I am not and never have been a PUBLIC SCHOOL mom! I don’t have anything against those who DO public school. I AM NOT or EVER CLAIM TO BE A BETTER MOTHER THAN YOU! You are the PERFECT mother for YOUR children!

So that being said, here is a little about our journey in the decision to homeschool.

Believe it or not… I used to work outside the home. In fact our older two girls attended daycare until they were 1&2. At that point, we decided it was not financially sensible for both of us to work since most of one paycheck went strictly to daycare costs.  We were also both working long hours and getting the girls up and to daycare by 5:30am and not picking them up until 5:30pm. Quiet frankly it was crazy! As a mama my heart was aching for my kiddos. I felt as if I was missing out on some very important parts of their lives. We concocted the plan that I should start our own childcare and that way I could be at home yet still contribute an income.

I quit my job and came home just a month before their 1st & 2nd birthdays. I immediately felt the call to keep them at home and homeschool. My husband not so much. We both came from the public school system. Homeschooling was a very foreign and weird thing for both of us. But he did agree to let me “teach” them preschool and we would re-evaluate when Our oldest was ready for Kindergarten. All I heard was sure we can homeschool! hahaha

I then joined a local homeschool group and began going to get togethers. Although since I only had preK’s I didn’t really feel like I was a “Homeschooler”. But as time went on God was working behind the scenes and opening up my husbands heart and providing opportunities for him to see that this was what we were supposed to do.

Flash forward to our oldest turning 4! She was well beyond her years and ready for Kindergarten. However, since her late fall birthday she wouldn’t be eligible for another year.  We did some research and found that K is not required in our state. The plan then became to give it a try. Really who can mess up Kindergarten? And if I somehow did we could just put her into public school the following year, right? She did AMAZING!!!!! Hubby was convinced. It was still a “let’s see how it goes” convinced but I was taking it!

Eventually, not because of anything I did, we became in it to win it! God spoke to both our hearts and revealed that this was RIGHT for us. We are now in it for the long haul! We have joined the odd side of life…HOMESCHOOLING!

It isn’t always easy…isn’t always fun… But until God tells us otherwise it is US!

Other benefits/ reasons we homeschool:

  • As I said before…It is what we believe God has called us to do for our family.
  • I love being able to teach Biblical principles to my children at any point in the day. When they need some re-direction we can use it to teach them about biblical truths.
  • It just works for us!
  • With medical visits it would be hard to schedule around public school. Also Any food, activity, etc… restrictions are no big deal when you make the schedule for school.
  • The opportunity to teach them how they learn.
  • The small student to teacher ratio means they get more 1-1 instruction.
  • The opportunity to let them explore their own interests and learn about what they like.
  • Let’s be honest… It is nice to not have the morning “get to school” rush! #PJ”S EVERYDAY

Now it is your turn! Why do you or don’t you homeschool?

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