Brush, Brush, Brush Our Teeth!

brush our teeth


Yesterday we started our “I Am Healthy” theme by learning about Eating Healthy.  Today we continue on by learning about keeping our teeth healthy. Make sure to grab all your freebies along the way!

We used our Funshine Express Fireflies kit to make Happy Teeth to practice brushing and flossing.

20150218_104332 20150218_120443

Next, we practiced counting with this FREE Funshine extra Dot-to-Dot Tooth page!



We then worked on some more tooth brushing practice with this FREE coloring sheet!


We used cheap tooth brushes and paint for our tooth paste. This is a good visual way to reinforce brushing all your teeth well. If there is still white left on the teeth then you missed a spot brushing. We also discussed the circle brushing and making sure not to push too hard.



Each child then got a tooth brushing chart to keep track of their weekly brushing habits!


Then, just like yesterday, they earned an “I Am Healthy” badge!



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