Germs, Germs, EVERYWHERE!



We have been talking about being healthy in our preschool studies. First, we talked abut eating healthy. Then last week we learned how brushing our teeth keeps us healthy.  Today, we are learning about GERMS!!!!! It could not have come at a better time since I now have 3 coughing and hacking kiddo.

I started out with a little experiment. I mixed baby oil and white glitter and smeared it on my hands without telling the kids.

20150224_101738 20150224_103122

I then went about my day interacting with the kids. Pretty soon everyone had glitter on their hands, sleeves, toys, tables, etc…

After they started noticing it we talked about what if the glitter had been germs. Now everyone had the germs from me not being careful to wash my hands or cough in my elbow.

Next, we watched The Magic School Bus “Inside Ralphie” about how germs make us sick.

We learned how to properly wash our hands using coconut oil and cocoa powder. It is easy for little ones to hurry through the steps and not get all the cracks and crevices clean. The cocoa powder was a good visual of whether or not they did a good washing job.



20150224_102633 20150224_102752

We finished up our germ fun by making germs of our own from the February Funshine Express kit.

Using watered down paint and straws to blow the paint into “germ shapes”.



Then we added sticker eyes.


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