I am Healthy Because I Eat Healthy!


WOW! Where has February gone? We are already starting our 2nd theme of the month… “I Am Healthy”!

I love how Funshine Express makes it so fun and easy to prepare educational and interesting themes for the kiddos!

We are starting off the I Am Healthy theme with making wise choices about what we eat. It is so important to teach little ones about eating healthy to prevent childhood obesity and making healthy habits that will last them through their lifetime.

Introduce children to new foods on a regular basis. We have the one bite rule that requires them to at least taste one bite of something new before making a judgment. How do you encourage healthy eating habits with your children?

Here are some ideas that might help!

I printed off the “My Plate” image from www.myplate.gov website and we talked about the food groups and what yummy foods belong in each section. We then played a fill my plate game with our play food.


I let the children fill their plates with an item from each category. We even discussed tricky foods that would fall into more than one category.

Next, we made healthy habit badges from the Feb. Fireflies packs. They help remind us to eat right and don’t skip breakfast!


My childcare food program just happened to be following the same theme this month and provided us with a fantastic resource “Melissa & Doug Make-a-Meal Sticker Pad



The kids had fun looking through all the food options and picking out their perfect healthy meal!

Healthy Plates


They even helped me check their real lunch plates to make sure they got all the healthy food groups. I left something off of each plate to see if they would notice…They did!

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