In The Mail


February has started off with a really fun fireflies unit from Funshine Express!

We are learning all about mail… What it is, where it goes, how it gets there, how to send it, etc…

Even the big kids are getting in on the fun!

We started off watching to videos I found about mail carriers and mail sorting.

Next we made our own mail carrier outfits!


To make our jackets, we used paper bags. Start by cutting an opening in the front of the bag. Next cut out the neck in a semicircle. Then, the arm holes. After that was complete, I printed off some images for the back and name tag by doing a google search for USPS images.

We then made our USPS visors and mail bags from the February Fireflies kit.


We learned about correctly addressing an envelope for mail. The big girls wrote letters to family in far away states to see how long it will take them to get through the postal service and to their destinations.



I found these pretend mail boxes last year at target and they work perfectly to complete  our mail station!



After learning all that it takes to get a letter to its destination, we decided to do something nice for our hard working mail carrier and left her a surprise with some sweet treats and a nice picture to thank her.


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