Hearts for Home ~ 3-26-15



We had a lovely break from normal school last week. The girls instead studied for their Bible quiz which they competed in over the weekend. I am so proud of them!!!! They did a super job!

Audrey received a Gold award (only missing 1 question out of 60+) and 2 perfect rounds. She was able to say all 20 of her memory verses. Completed the 7-up challenge (7 special questions all answered correctly).

Alyssa received a silver award, All 20 of her verses, and the 7-up challenge.

They girls’ team took 2nd place over all!! Both girls also qualified to go to our districts regional quiz in June!

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After all the tough competing, we decided we needed a little break and spent Sunday afternoon at the lake fishing. No luck catching but it was fun to relax in the outdoors.

This week we are back to the grind. We only have 4 more weeks of official lessons and we will be done for the year! So we are plugging away to just get it done!

On the farm…

We are still on watch for our 4 legged babies to arrive. Their due date was yesterday so it really could be any time!!!! Don’t worry I’ll post pics as soon as they get here!!!!

But in the mean time here is our latest cuteness from the farm! Bath tub racing!!!!!!


Now onto the Hearts for Home…..

Last week’s most clicked was “How Do You Wash Your Face, part 1” from La Quotidienne.

Now it is your turn to tell us what is going on in your Heart for Home!

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