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We had a busy yet productive weekend/week here at The Hoggatt Homestead/Homeschool haha! We are technically on spring break!!!! However, the farm life never quits! The barns have been cleaned and prepared for the arrival of the four legged babies that will hopefully be making their appearance this time next week (fingers crossed!)

We have spent the school portions of our day preparing for the girls BIG quiz! This weekend we will travel for them to say all 20 of their memory verses for the year and for them to participate in the district qualifier. I’m a nervous mama for them but know that they have studied hard and will do great!

We have been having beautiful weather here in SE Kansas and spent Saturday afternoon practicing our shooting skills. The girls are participating in 4H air rifle shooting sports this year and are having a great time with it! I love how versatile 4H has become and how they have the opportunity to try and grow in so many areas of life.

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Yesterday we started some planting for a small garden. I have had a major itch to get my hands in the soil which is kinda weird since I never have had a green thumb. I always want to give it a try but never have any real fruits from my labors. It’s a good thing that I am good with animals so that we at least have some products to barter for fresh veggies haha

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