Hearts for Home Blog Hop : 3-4-15


We have been all about Dr. Seuss this week! (and will continue to be next week too!) But it got me thinking about the importance of raising your children to develop a love for reading.

We all know the important life skills that open up when a child learns to read. We know why it is important to read and that in order to fulfill their dream job they need that skill.

But, what about LOVING to read is that a requirement?????

I’ll be honest, I am not a LOVE to read person. I struggled to learn. Back then they didn’t have a plethora of information streaming through the screen at them about why I struggled. I was just “lazy”. Now we know of this thing called Dyslexia.  HA!

I have one child who also struggles and suffers from the same problems that I did. The challenge comes to help her overcome and not use it as an excuse.

Here are some things that have helped us (so far):

  • Visual based activities: Instead of just reading and writing a report, have her draw a picture of what she read.
  • Find subject matter that interests her. She took off reading once she found The Little House on the Prairie series and Nancy Drew.
  • Give them a quiet distraction free time and place.
  • Do read aloud times. Just because they don’t like reading doesn’t mean they don’t like books!
  • Encourage them to read EVERYTHING!!!!!! Not just sit down with a book. Write notes, read instructions, recipes, signs, etc…
  • Most importantly, DON’T GIVE UP!!!! Encourage them that it does get easier. Sometimes this takes a little firmer hand to push them trough and not allow them to quit.

Happy Reading y’all!

Most clicked from last week is………. Montessori Madness from Monsters Ed. She shares lots of Montessori learning ideas with a “My Little Pony” theme!

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