I See Spring!


Spring is popping up everywhere on the farm and in our homeschool. Our yard is covered with with yellow dandelions, bees and butterfly’s are buzzing around. The grass and trees are their bright spring green. New life is blooming! Just today I discovered a bunny nest in the hay stack. We have babies EVERYWHERE!!!!!!

The weather has also screaming Spring Spring Spring! We have had rain and thunderstorms to welcome in our April. You know what they say, “April showers bring May flowers”!

So I couldn’t have asked for a better time to get a Spring Has Sprung unit from Funshine Express!

We kicked off the unit by reading I See Spring, which came in our April Fireflies kit.

Next we created these super cute April Shower pictures using the supplies provided. The kids loved using the netting as rain drops. Such a neat idea!



Then they created their very own flower garden to wear with their flower headbands! Headbands and hats are always a hit and Funshine does a great job thinking up cute and creative ones!




After that we planted a real flower garden that they could take home. Also included in our kit were some cups and brushes to decorate their own personal flower pots. After the paint dried we filled them with dirt (another hit! getting dirty playing in the mud!!!!) and planted their flower seeds.



I can’t tell you how much I love Funshine Express!!!! Their ideas are always cute, creative, and educational. It saves me SO SO SO much time and allows me to spend it doing the fun stuff with the kiddos instead of just always planning. Everything is easy to prepare and use. It really is an open it up and get moving kind of curriculum and the kids LOVE it!!!!

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