In My Magical Hot Air Balloon!



We have been continuing on with our things that fly theme from Funshine Express this week. The kids have been having a blast!

Yesterday we studied Hot Air Balloons. They learned all about what makes them fly and what makes them come down.

Did you know, The Hot Air Balloon was the first flying machine to carry a person.

They made fun hot air balloons from the April Fireflies kit and even got to try them out by dropping them off of the playhouse. They then had hot air balloon races to see whose could come down the quickest.



Then played a fun shape matching game!



I really like how easy it is to prepare the days activities with Funshine Express. I don’t have to spend hours thinking of ideas and projects to keep little hands busy and learning. It is all done for me. Each teachers guide is packed full of activities that encourage problem solving, gross motor skills, fine motor skills, creativity, science, math, writing, pre-reading, and so so much more!!!!

Even better, the kids LOVE the fun and exciting things that they are able to learn and do each day thanks to Funshine Express!

Don’t forget that the theme starts for summer in June!!!! Order now so you can start fresh for the summer. They also offer a corresponding school kids packs for June-August to keep the big kids busy working with the littles. It is the Jitterbugs. Have a younger child? No problem there either! Buttercups is for toddlers and will also go right along with the Fireflies program!!!!

Here are the Summer Themes…


June 2015 Caterpillar to Butterfly
Giddy Up and Go
Review Review Review Review
July 2015 In the Meadow
Sports Talk
Review Review Review Review
August 2015 Playground Palooza
Cookout Lookout
Review Review Review Review


2015 Themes
Kit A Kit B
Magical Metamorphosis Wranglers and Rodeos
Nature Explorations Spectacular Sports
Games People Play Summer Cook-Out


May – June Baby Animals
When I’m Big
Wiggle and Fly
On the Ranch
July – August In the Grass
Play Ball!
Fun and Games
Burgers, Buns, and Fun
Review Triangle

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