Sneaking in Learning with Funshine Express

Learning with Funshine Express


If you work with preschoolers at ALL you know that one of the hardest things to do is get them to sit still and listen. We all have this picture in our heads that they are only learning when we have their undivided attention and their mouths are quiet.

Well, how many times have they repeated something embarrassing that was said when we thought they weren’t listening? Humm…

One of the best ways that we all learn is when our hands are busy doing something else. That’s why doodling during a lecture in college is so effective, or chewing gum while writing, etc…

I LOVE how Funshine Express takes that same approach! They sneak in learning to every part of the day. Today, I’m going to feature four of the games from the April Fireflies kit. Just an FYI… If you are even thinking about ordering for May NOW is the time!!!! Kits sell out fast so go go go!!!!!!!! You won’t regret it!!!!!

Each game features a math activity and the best part is the kids don’t even realize they are learning. They LOVE playing the games and will ask to play all the time!!!!!

In or Out…



The object is to sort the eggs into hatched (out) or not hatched (in) piles. This is such an important beginning logic game. It seems rather simple to us. But, sorting those two differences into piles can be difficult. Even if a child can tell you that the bird is in/out they can’t always sort them. Practicing this skill will help them connect those pathways and make future math endeavors easier.

High In The Sky… 

20150416_085517Children take turns drawing a number from the number stack. Then adding on the number of bows that it instructs. This game focuses on number recognition and counting. A double whammy practice! We even broke up into teams to see who could get the most bows on the kite string. So much fun!!!!

Hot Air-balloon Shape Matching…



Recognizing patterns and matching the key shape is the name of this game. The kids had so much fun matching them up!

Shape Dominoes…



Hours of fun….I mean learning…. With this game. Kiddos took turns drawing a card and making connections to matching shapes. It was fun to see what it looked like after each match-up. The patterns were never the same.

Who knew so much learning could go into play! They never suspected that this was SCHOOL!!!!!


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