Space Week



Another fun theme from Funshine Express!!!!

I like how Funshine covers such a large variety of subject matter in their unit themes. Each month is divided up into two themes which last about two weeks a piece. This month we have covered spring and weather. Now we are working on things of the air. It is fitting that this week has focused on Space since Earth Day also fell into this week.

I have to admit we are a little bit space nutty around here. We love watching the NASA channel, researching rocket launches, sneaking a peak at meteor showers (Wednesday night had one!!!), looking for the International Space Station in the sky, etc…

It was nice that this week the little one could have a space week all of her own!

Here are some of her activities from the week…


3…2…1…Blast Off Rocket Puppet


In Orbit craft


Moon Rocks


3D Earth

She had a fun sensory exploration time when she got to finger paint her Earth with Shaving Cream paint!

Here is the recipe…



Spray Non-menthol shaving cream and add in a few tablespoon of school glue + food coloring of choice. Mix well and let the fun begin!!! Allow masterpiece to dry flat.

One thought on “Space Week

  1. How appropriate that it was the same week as the Lyrid meteor shower! Thanks for giving the kids an amazing week, Emm!

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