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We are closing in on our last week of school with the older girls. But Ashlee will continue on through May with her Funshine Express Fireflies. But then what?????

Yet another thing I LOVE about Funshine Express is that they use the summer to review all the things that the kiddos learn through the year. This is also an excellent time to start your Funshine Express subscription. Fireflies has a completely separate theme for the summer. If you were worried about jumping in throughout the school year and not learning the material already covered, now you have the chance to start fresh!!!! A new wall display also starts for the summer. The kids are excited to see what this summer will bring!!!!

Here is the summer unit break down for Fireflies…

2014 – 2015 Themes Letters Numbers Colors Shapes
June 2015 Caterpillar to Butterfly
Giddy Up and Go
Review Review Review Review
July 2015 In the Meadow
Sports Talk
Review Review Review Review
August 2015 Playground Palooza
Cookout Lookout
Review Review Review Review

But what about the school aged kiddos that you now have in your home and without direction????

Guess what!!!!!

Funshine Express also offers a summer time program that correlates with the fireflies themes! Jitterbugs is designed for children ages 6-10. It offers activities such as games, crafts, and additional activities. Each kit comes with a full teachers guide with craft instructions, learning game ideas, and lots of fun extras for the kids to keep them busy.

My kids like that they get to learn along with the youngers but do activities for their age group.

Here are your choices…

2015 Themes
Kit A Kit B
Magical Metamorphosis Wranglers and Rodeos
Nature Explorations Spectacular Sports
Games People Play Summer Cook-Out

I’m so excited that my summer activities have already arrived and the girls and I get a sneak peak at their summer fun!

Kit A



Included: 3 ready to go crafts for Magical Metamorphosis, 3 for Nature Explorations, and 2 for Games People Play. Also includes many game ideas, snack ideas, and rhymes/poems for the kids in the teachers guide.

Kit B



Included: 3 ready to go crafts for Wranglers & Rodeos, 2 for Spectacular Sports, and 3 for Summer Cook-Out. Also includes many game ideas, snack ideas, and rhymes/poems for the kids in the teachers guide.

In order to do each of the Fireflies themes with the Jitterbug group you would need both Kit A & B. If you wanted to just include the Jitterbugs in one theme a month then you can choose either A or B.

Each kit has enough materials for 4 children. Multiple kits may be purchased but you had better hurry! Get your order in now before the Jitterbug away!!!!!!!

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