When Joy Turns Into Mourning

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It started out as any normal day Sunday here on the farm. Chores…Baths…Church…Lunch and more Chores. But by afternoon we knew change was on the way. We had been waiting since Wednesday for the goats to go into labor and deliver our newest additions to the farm. As all births go they would come when they were good and ready!

Sunday night was rough! I was up every several hours checking on mamas and making sure everything was ok. But by Monday morning we still had no babies. Signs were evident that it was CLOSE!!!! Monday morning was lots of pacing from the mamas and us haha. As a friend reminded me, “A watched pot never boils”. So, we decided to take lunch.

Over the baby monitor hooked into the barn I heard a funny noise as we had just finished lunch. I ran out to the barn with the girls hot on my heels. Surprise!!!!! We had a baby!!!! Then another…THEN ANOTHER!!!!! Audrey’s mama goat Polk-a-dot had triplets for the 2nd year in a row!!!!

Meet the crew – – – –


1st born buck named Salt



2nd born buck named Pepper


3rd born was a doe named Smores

Audrey did a great job jumping in to help clean and care for both the mama and the babies! It was a great time of celebration!!!!!!

Next up was Brownie, who belongs to Alyssa. She was also showing signs of active labor so I knew I would soon have my hands full!!!!


Alyssa playing the part of goat midwife!

Hours later things took a turn for the worse! Again a cry heard over the baby monitor and us rushing out to help. When we arrived Brownie had also had triplets, however, two were stillborn and the third struggling for life. What had been a joyous day had now turned into mourning.

Farm life is a hard yet rewarding life for anyone, especially children. At a moments notice joy can turn to sorrow, laughing to mourning. But there are also so many life skills learned. I have never been asked the question, “Where do babies come from”? Because they know!!!! They get to see up close and personal the circle of life. They learn to respect and care for God’s creation and to be good stewards of what He has given to us. They learn that all comes from God and that he not only gives us many blessings but he also sometimes takes them away. My kids know that we must trust His mighty plan even though sometimes we don’t understand it. They also learn to turn toward him for comfort in our time of sorrow or to give Him praise in our time of rejoicing.

We kicked it into high gear and did everything possible to save the one living baby who turned out to be a doe. We cleaned her quickly, dried her, and rushed her inside. We began to pray and praise God for letting her live. A friend recommended a warm bath to get her going. So into the tub she went. I was up with her that whole night. Rubbing her down, making sure she was breathing, trying to get some milk into her, trying to get her to stand, etc… Anything possible!

In to morning, she was doing well!!!! Alyssa had her baby girl which she appropriately name Miracle!


Meet baby Miracle!

“The LORD gave, and the LORD has taken away; blessed be the name of the LORD.” ~ Job 1:21

God has provided for us and has blessed us! He has comforted us in our times of need. He was with Alyssa in her sorrow and her mourning. He also was faithful to bring her joy in her own little Miracle!

All four babies are doing well and the mamas are recovering quickly.


4 babies and their trusty watch dog Bailey!


Now that’s a pile of warm and full bellied babies!





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