Even the older kiddos can get in on the buggy fun!

With Funshine Express there is something for all ages! We primarily use the Fireflies curriculum for ages 3-5. But the also offer a Buttercups curriculum for younger children. I have used the buttercups before and it is just as good! It offers lots of beginning learning for the toddlers and is loaded with fun hands on learning for littles!

This is also our second year enjoying the Jitterbug summer activity kits. Find out more about this year’s kits here.

I really like how it follows along with the themes from the Fireflies curriculum. The older kids can interact and learn right along with the pre-K kiddos. Then they have their own age appropriate crafts and activities to keep their hands and minds busy too. It is so nice that the ages can interact and all “school” around the same table at the same time!

Just like the other Funshine Express kits, everything in the jitterbug kits are nicely packaged and ready to jump into without much preparation or extra supplies required.

Here are some of the fun crafts they have completed so far in the “Magical Metamorphosis” theme from kit A.

Butterfly Frisbee

Butterfly Frisbee’s


Watercolor eyedropper bug art

I also made some review coloring pages using this blank butterfly coloring page.



I filled in each section with parts of speech (noun, verb, adj/adv) words and had them color with a corresponding color. Similar to a color by number. Here is our part’s of speech coloring page. Parts of Speech Butterfly You can also do a color by number with addition or multiplication problems. It is important to keep reviewing what was learned during the school year to cut down on the amount of review that needs to happen at the beginning of the new year. The old saying “if you don’t use it, you lose it” is defiantly true! But it doesn’t seem like “school” when you make the review fun!

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