Lewis & Clark Homeschool Legacy ~ Review

Homeschool Legacy Review

I have to admit that in the history department of our homeschool adventure we haven’t spent much time. We have always counted our Bible study time as our history portion. Which is good until you think your kids should know something that you are talking about and they look back at you with blank stares haha. Well, not anymore thanks to Homeschool Legacy and our first study from them of Lewis and Clark: From Sea to Shining Sea!

Homeschool Legacy offers a HUGE variety of studies! Not all are history related either. They also offer studies on weather, nature, horses, and a unique study of Christmas in America. The history studies have a wide range of subject matter also. There are studies on pirates, Queen Victoria, knights, early america, Native Americans, western pioneers, The Constitution,  and much more.

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Most of the studies come in digital download format and are designed to use once per week. The once a week format is nice since it won’t interfere with your regular studies and schedule. I know it is hard when you think of adding another thing to your busy days. The digital download grants immediate access so there is no waiting for the shipment to come. The digital download is a pdf and also contains many links to extra (free) resources to use throughout the study.

The studies are designed to teach multi-ages and different learning styles all at once. Each study has hands on activities, note-booking, reading, and other types of learning activities. It is a nice break from textbook style learning and provides a fun and creative outlet for children.

Many of the studies are also written so that you can duel purpose them and earn badges through the Boy Scout and American Heritage Girls. All the badge requirements are clearly stated for the chosen badge.

You can find Homeschool Legacy on: Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter!

I let the girls choose from the topics given and they both unanimously chose the Lewis and Clark: From Sea to Shining Sea study. I received the download very quickly and we dove right in!

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This study is designed to use once-per-week for 7 weeks. However, it spark such an interest that we have spread it out to much longer. We also are finished with our regular schooling so we are spending more then once a week and doing ALL of the fun activities! The possibilities really are endless and the amount of time you can spend is really up to you and your children’s attention span.

The recommended age range for this study is 2nd grade through 12th grade. There are some activities that even our little (4yr old) got in on. But, I would recommend that you only use it with littles if you are including them with older students.

I really like how each weeks lesson began with a biblical base. The first week we learned about the beaver and how God takes care of them. One important lesson is that the Beaver doesn’t need to be told what to do, they see what needs done and spring into action. That is just how God wants us to work together and for his kingdom.

Here are some of the fun activities that we did!

Lesson one we created really cool journals to use during our study! We covered regular composition notebooks with chamois and bound with leather cording. We have used these journals to record all our note-booking and timeline activities that are marked within the study.



Lesson two took us on an adventure through French Cajun Louisiana and we made Shrimp Etouffee with the provide recipe! It was super yummy!!!!!!



Next, we learned about the different territories of the now United States and how the Louisiana purchase cam about. The girls had fun creating topographical maps out of clay and marking the major landmarks along Lewis and Clark’s adventure.





They also enjoyed taking a nature hike and pretending to be Lewis as he discovered new species of animals, plants, and birds. Then recording their findings in their journals.

Here are some of the tree and flower specimens that they collected.



They had the most fun creating their Indian earth houses just like Sacajawea would have lived in when she meet up with the Corps of Discovery and joined the adventure.







All in all we LOVED!!!!!!! this study of Lewis and Clark and will defiantly be returning customers of Homeschool Legacy! Now we just have to decide on which study!!!! It is a tie between Native America and Westward Ho I & II. We’ll see which wins!

Want to find reviews for this and other Homeschool Legacy studies? Check out the Review Crew Homechool Legacy page!

Homeschool Legacy Review



3 thoughts on “Lewis & Clark Homeschool Legacy ~ Review

  1. Our girls have had so much fun with this study, and it’s been awesome to come home and see what projects they’ve been working on that day! THIS, to me, is one of the most powerful aspects of homeschooling. They were able to focus on something which they’ve long-loved (Lewis and Clark), but in the process picked up so much more along the way, such as cooking, journaling, bird watching and building the mud huts. Excellent job!

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