A Rewarding Week On The Homestead!

This has been a super rewarding week to be on the homestead! I told my husband this morning that it is weeks like this that I am so glad we took the leap to move out of town and homeschool our girls. I feel like they have had so many opportunities to grow and learn this week that they couldn’t have gotten anywhere else.

We started the week off by getting the incubator up and running. HUGE thanks to my Hubby who is electrically inclined and worked out all the kinks with the temp gauge. We put in 12 guinea fowl eggs and 8 chicken eggs. We’ll check them at day 10 to see if they are developing!



A few days later we found our missing guinea hen and her 24 eggs! I waited until she was up eating and grab one to candle.  I guessed they were about 25 days along. (takes 28 days to hatch)


I was wrong! Last night when I checked her she had 9 babies! Since guinea fowl are such bad mamas I grab them and brought them in to the brooder.

This morning I found 7 more babies had hatched and three more eggs were in the process. I let her keep four babies but brought the hatching eggs and additional three babies in too. There are still 5 eggs that haven’t shown signs of hatching. I’ll check them again tonight.





We had a surplus of milk since we are starting to ween the babies off. So the girls have helped make a lot of cheese this week. So far we have cranked out two 2 lb. wheels of cheddar, 1 lb. of garlic and herb feta, and today 2 lbs. of mozzarella.



A family friend gifted us a bunch of ripe, farm fresh apricots. Audrey helped make and can a batch of apricot jam. She is so excited to show some at the fair this summer!



Nothing beats life on the homestead! Such a rewarding lifestyle!!!


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