Butterfly Races and A Fun Food Friday!

Butterfly Fun Food

We have been having a blast with the June Butterfly theme from Funshine Express!!!! I’m almost sad to see it come to a close. We are a little ahead of schedule so that I can share all the fantastic ideas and crafts with you! Go grab the June Fireflies kit now while they are still available!

The older kids have been joining in our fun thanks to the Jitterbug summer school aged program! They offer two high quality and fun kits for school aged kiddos. This program lasts all summer long! However, supplies are limited so go and get yours now while supplies last! This program helps keep your school aged kids engaged and entertained all summer long. It is filled with crafts, game ideas, and learning tips and tricks. You can chose between Kit A, Kit B, or just grab them both!

The kids loved this Hatching Butterfly craft from Kit A!


We also had butterfly races! The object of the game is to suck up water in your straw and transfers to the empty cup. The first to empty their first cup wins. Butterfly’s eat through their tongue by using it to suck up nectar.






Caterpillar races were also super fun!

To wrap up the fun we decided to have a fun food Friday and watch the Metamorphosis movie from Fish Flix.

Here is what was on the menu…








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