Funshine Extras!

Get ready for July’s Funshine Express Kit!!!!

What is happening in July?

Two fantastic themes of “In the Meadow” and “Sports Talk”

I have already received my kit and the kids are sure to love all the fun activities that are in store for them in July!

The book of the month is Over in the Meadow .

There are also many many fun crafts, games, and activities that are sure to thrill the kids and keep them learning through the summer.

Did you know that each month also has a fun felt set available?

Each set comes with quality felt cutouts and a poem, rhyme, or song that helps the children interact with them.

Grab them up in the Funshine Express store now! There are many on clearance for as low as $1.54.

Don’t want to order the whole kit?

Funshine now has two additional monthly options.

Online Curriculum or Monthly Art Pack.

The monthly art pack will contain 8 crafts from the monthly theme. You can customize between 2, 4, or 10 children.

The online curriculum gives you access to the teachers material and you-print games. Then you can gather materials for the crafts from home.

But your best value is and my favorite is still the monthly curriculum kits. It will make planning and preparation for your preschool days much easier. You can actually enjoy teaching and learning with the kids without the stress of gathering and making all the supplies.

Sample kits are now reduced to $5 so it is super cheap to try it out now!

Funshine Express is now taking pre-orders for the 2015-16 school year and offering great discounts. Prepare now and you’ll be thankful later!



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