Giddy Up and Go!



We have started a new theme in our Funshine Express June Fireflies pack! This Giddy Up and Go theme is sure to be packed with rootin’ tootin’ fun as we rustle up the cow pokes in their super cute cowboy/girl outfits!

Here are this week’s crafts!

Paper Sack Cowboy Vest

Every little wrangler will look sharp in their very own paper sack cowboy vest!

Stick Horse Craft

Every little rough rider needs a trusty steed!

cowboy hat craft

Their cute cowboy hats will keep the sun from beating down on their necks during their long trail rides!


Whether your an outlaw or a roper you need a stylish bandanna!

The kids really like making all these western outfit essentials. But they had a blast painting their bandannas with eye droppers and watered down tempora paint. I liked that it was hand’s on learning practicing their fine motor skills and pinch grips. Essential pre-writing practice!



While we let the bandannas dry we colored this free cowboy color sheet and did some letter lassoing. Make sure to grab your FREE June Enrichment Activities!

Cowboy Color Page

FREE cowboy coloring page


Letter Lasso Printable



Stay tuned for more western fun! I will be sharing what our Jitterbugs are up to and some fun cowboy games later this week!

Make sure to check out the Funshine Blog for some Summer Safety Tips and more!


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