Parking Lot Reading Game



While the older kiddos are done with school, little Ash is just getting started! I decided that while I have a little extra free time it would be a great time to start reading lessons with her. We are using All About Reading ~ level 1.

I was so excited to get this curriculum purchased! I wish I would have know about it when my olders were beginning. It is so neat and hands on! I holds her attention and she is loving it!!!!!

We are now into lesson 5 and I decided to make a fun way for her to review the words she can read so far. So, i created this race car parking lot game. She loves cars and had so much fun reading the words on each car and finding their special spot on the lot.



I decided to share the wealth and post the game here for you all to enjoy also! Thanks for being loyal readers and I hope your kids have as much fun playing with it as she did!

AAR Parking Game

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