Ride ‘Em Cowboy Ranch Rodeo!



While the Fireflies (preschool age) have been busy with Giddy Up and Go, the older Jitterbugs (school kids) have been busy with western rodeo fun too!

They made the cute little horse and cowboy craft above and then we all played Ranch Rodeo games together! I love how the Funshine Express curriculum has something for every age and stage of child. I also really like how they all can work side by side together. It helps so much with the planning and no one feels left out!

Even better, the activities are so easy to plan and don’t require much prep time allowing you to fill your day with fun.

We started off our day by making these super simple and easy “stick horses”. We used wrapping paper rolls and printed off horse head clip art. I hot glued them to the cardboard roll and they were ready to ride.



The first ranch rodeo event was barrel racing. I used buckets as our barrels and we took a few practice runs to learn the barrel riding pattern. Then I timed each child’s run!






Next we had pony races! They all ran the “track” at the same time.



After the pony races, they competed in a bandanna relay race.



We ended our rodeo fun inside to cool down by playing “Yeehaw”. Which is just like duck..duck..goose, only you drop the hat on the gooses head and yell “Yeehaw”!



I can’t wait to see what next week’s western fun has in store for us!

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