Solomon’s Warning



As I read these next few chapters of Proverbs, I couldn’t help but have a grieved heart.

Let’s do a quick recap of Solomon’s life. He was the son of David and the king chosen by God to build the first temple in Jerusalem. God granted him wisdom, wealth, and power. But, Solomon ultimately was a king whose sin (idolatry) led him and his kingdom away from The Lord. This resulted in the kingdom of Israel to be divided and torn in two.

You see, chapters 10-22 are a collection of Solomon’s proverbs. These proverbs have one dominant theme…”Wise Son”, “Righteous Man”, or one “Who Keeps the Law”.

I believe as Solomon was writing these Proverbs he was reflecting on his life. He was seeing the consequences of his sin begin to unravel God’s great plan for Israel. He was seeing the effects of his sin on his children, friends, family, and people.

This leads me to the BIG question… Are the penalties for sin passed down to future generations?

My answer is NO! The “penalties” or punishment is NOT. We are held accountable for our own sin!

However, the consequences can be! Our behavior DOES have an affect on our family!

Rewind to David… His sin was forgiven, He paid the penalty, but his behavior set an example for his future generations.

Same thing for Solomon. He was responsible for his own actions, but, the sin culture was already set within his family. Children inherit the consequences of their fathers’ sins, in disease, poverty, captivity, with all the influences of bad example and evil communications. Oftentimes because of upbringing, children will follow in the footsteps of their parents in bad habits and sins. In such cases the pattern of sin becomes repetitive, and the effects of sin continue.

So Now What? The Bible is very clear that we ALL sin and fall short of the glory of God. It is God’s desire that we repent and turn from sin. Only then can we and our future generations be saved. Only then can the consequence of eternal death be overcome. Change is a Choice! A choice that I believe Solomon was trying to make. Solomon saw how his sin affected those that he loved. He wanted to send a warning to them that he had messed up and that they needed to change their ways or the downward spiral would continue. Unfortunately, for Solomon it was a little to late. His sons had hardened their heart and the destruction was already on it’s way.


Thankfully, God loves us ALL!!!!! Sinner, saint, gay, straight, black, white, yellow, etc… He also loves us enough to FORGIVE us! He sent the ultimate sacrifice to take our penalty, Jesus. But in order for the consequences of sin to be erased we must accept that forgiveness and turn away form SIN!

That is where I fear that we have missed it. Just like Solomon, we are waiting to long! We are waiting until we see the effects of our sin on the future generations. Then sending out a warning after the sin culture is set. It is time NOW to turn away from sin. We are called NOW to take a stand for what is right and wrong. We are to fall on our knees NOW and repent.

God is patient and can lead us to repentance. His desire is that we repent and change, not only for ourselves, but because the consequences of sin are often passed on to our children, our grandchildren and, in some cases, even to our great-grandchildren. Each person has the choice to change future generations.

In the light of the recent decisions, conflicts, hardships, and sin in our country it can be easy to hang our heads as Christians and begin to believe that it is hopeless. But, it’s not to late!!! There are still souls that can be saved. We are privileged to know how the story ends, REMEMBER! Christ ALREADY won! Satan’s reign is temporary. The grave was OVERCOME! Satan is struggling to take as many down with him in defeat as possible.

We are the Wise Son, the Righteous Man, the One Who Keeps God’s Law. It is us who must fight for those who are lost. We must stand up for what is good and right. We must minister to the sinner, saint, gay, straight, black, white, yellow, etc… With LOVE! Just as Christ loved! He went into the world and reached those who were on the down and out of society. He showed them that there is a better way to fill the hole in their life then with sin. But he also never backed down and condoned their sin. Love doesn’t mean that you have to say the sin is ok; it means you show them a better way!

Join me in prayer for our Nation, State, Town, Family, Church, WORLD as we read through the next few chapters of Proverbs. As we look on the contrasts of the Wise Son vs. the wicked sin culture. Pray that We as followers of Christ will the love that changes the future generations. Lord, help us make that change choice!

girl preparation to jogging in park, exercise

girl preparation to jogging in park, exercise

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