We have had a fun week wrapping up our cowboy and rodeo theme! The little kids loved making “Western Dioramas”  or paper dolls as they called them. Funshine Express does a great job encouraging imaginative and dramatic play.



We live close to Coffeyville Kansas where some real outlaws roamed the west. The Dalton gang attempted to rob two banks at the same time in 1892.

We read about how the towns people united to save their town. We also watch The Last Ride of the Dalton Gang. Then wrote about what it would be like to be an outlaw. After deciding what they would be “wanted” for they created these fun Wanted Posters from the Jitterbug Summer Fun kit.



We also learned about cattle brands and why they were/still are used. The girls had fun creating their very own branding symbol for our farm.

Here is some more info on brands.




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