Over In The Meadow

It is fair week but we are still sneaking in some school time thanks to Funshine Express! It is super busy times like these that I am most grateful for the easy breezy kits! I don’t have to do any prep work! Just grab and go!!!!! If it wasn’t for the materials for crafts, games, and activities being already packaged and pre-planned school would just not happen during busy seasons.

Here is what we are up to this week!!!!

Our book of the month is Over in the Meadow (Classic Books with Holes). It is a super cute counting book that is interactive and comes with a CD of the song.

After reading the book the kiddos created their own “Art In The Grass” craft activity from the July Fireflies kit.



Funshine Express lets the kids experiment and experience art in creative ways. They used paper straws to paint the grass, encouraging fine motor development.



Also included in July’s kit are ready to go games!

They are working on their pattern power with a fun Over In The Meadow pattern copy game.



The creature cards encourage the kids to use their imaginations to become meadow creatures. They are practicing using descriptive words to tell the other kids what creature they are and then acting it out.



And don’t forget the July Enrichment Activities and Fireflies Extras that everyone can grab for free!!!!!

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