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I am again privileged to apart of a great review team that offers quality products! This time TOS Review Crew have chosen me to review “With Lee in Virginia” by Heirloom Audio Productions.

Who is Heirloom Audio Productions?

Heirloom Audio Productions is a company that strives to bring history to life through audio stories. Their passion and love for history takes them to amazing places as they sort through the facts and fictions of history. Their mission is to engage listeners imaginations as they are taken back in time and immersed in history. They travel back to actual locations and events that took place. All while telling the story in a new and exciting way. Each story also holds moral lessons that kids can use today in their lives.

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About “With Lee In Virginia”

The cast…



If you are a fan of Adventures in Odyssey, this story will be right up your ally also! “With Lee in Virginia” has a similar listening feel. It is a story of daring expeditions and adventures that are filled with virtue, valor, determination, courage, and character building.

“With Lee in Virginia” is over 2 hours of action packed audio entertainment that takes you through the Civil War story. It is filled with Christian heroes and is great for kids and adults of all ages. It is wholesome entertainment for the family!

The main character is Vincent Wingfield, a fifteen year old boy from Northern Virginia. He finds himself following in his late father’s footsteps as he joins the Army of Northern Virginia and is soon fighting along side his childhood friends and some famous confederate generals. He learns to be devoted to God and to take a stand for his country and fellow man even if it could cost him his life.

Vincent finds himself in many sticky situations but relys on God and help from others to see him through. He shows genuine compassion and friendship to those who cross his path. He also proves himself trustworthy and loyal as he is given dangerous and important tasks.

How we used it…

We do much traveling due to doctor appointments and are always looking for entertainment to make the trip go smoother and more quickly. This CD set was perfect for such a trip. The kiddos (and I too) loved listening to the story. It was captivating for all of us. We all learned something new! It taught strong moral values as we learned about the determination and conviction to do what was right even though it isn’t always the easiest.

It also opened up discussion and interest in the Civil War. We had never really discussed this time period in history before. But, thanks to the accompanying 48-page study guide it helped us learn and engage even more with the story.

The study guide includes bios of the non-fictional characters from the story. It also has maps that help the kids visualize the routes and battle sites. The story is divided into each CD track and has “Listening Well” questions to help the kids recall what the story was about. It also has “Thinking Further” questions to help the kids dig a little bit further in learning and open up discussion as a family about topics that might not have been on the radar of disscussion. The “Defining Words” help kids grow their vocabulary base and makes sure that they can comprehend the plot of the story.

At the end of the study guide there are additional resources suggestions to learn more about the Civil War and Robert E. Lee. As well as a brief Bible study guide to help kids understand Duty, Loving Your Enemy, and Slavery in the Bible.

My kids really enjoyed listening to the CD and going through the study guide. We will definitely be using some of the other Heirloom Audio Production  products!

3 Purchasing Options…

The family four-pack includes 4 audio copies. Also 6 free bonuses including digital download, e-book, study guide, quote poster, newsletter, and promotional poster. All for $99.97

Single CD pack includes study guide, quote poster, and mp3 digital download for $29.97

Digital download includes study guide, and quote poster for $20

You can order online here!

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