2015-16 Curriculum Picks



Next week begins the new school year for us here at The Hoggatt Homeschool! We are ready!!!! Even better we are EXCITED!!!!!!!!

Here are our 2015-16 Curriculum picks!


We are studying the books of Joshua, Judges and Ruth through the Children’s Bible Quizzing at our church. This will be a year long study tackling one chapter a week and having 4 zone quizzes, 1 district quiz, and hopefully 1 regional quiz. We are using the material found at Nazarene Publishing House.

Language Arts

SOS 4th Grade Language Arts

4th graders are moving on to Switched on Schoolhouse level 4. It worked great for them last year and they are excited to begin their “computer school”!


My Kindergartner is using All About Reading Level 1. I can’t wait to jump into this fun program! It is so neat and interactive. It offers just what my little hands on learner needs!


Algebra/Decimal Inserts

For the 3rd year in a row, we are using Math-U-See.  Kinder is on level Primer, Middle is on Gamma, and Oldest is on Delta. Again hands on learning is what is working!


Chemistry and Physics

I love the subjects we get to all do together. Science is my favorite!!!!! We are continuing our study we began at the beginning of the summer of Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics from Apologia.


I am glad to report that I am continuing my blogging contract with Funshine Express. The little tots and my Kinder will be continuing to use their products throughout the year. We will be using the Fireflies kits each month to learn about the monthly themes, writing practice, and of course the awesome crafts!



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