Funshine Express Adventure Crafts

This week is packed with Adventure thank to Funshine Express!


We worked ahead last week since we are deep into county fair #3 this week. Funshine Express has made it so easy and fun to “do school” that the kids didn’t mind one bit. This weeks crafts also had the older kiddos excited and engaged!

They started off by making their Adventure packs from the August Fireflies kit.



Using “french fry container” and yarn they made the pouches to hang on their necks and then created fun Nature Notebooks. Included in this month’s craft kit are mini magnifying glasses. They added pencils and packed them up and they were ready to go explore!



We decided to take our nature field trip to our town park and zoo. We are so blessed to live in a community that has a great space for families and kids to get outside. Even better it is FREE admission!!!! So if you are in my area you need to check it out! Ralph Mitchell Park and Zoo



In my mind I had this awesome day planned with a picnic and all kinds of homemade goodies. But since I was still (and still am) recovering from surgery I decided to phone this one in. Sometimes being a good mommy is knowing when to cut corners! haha So we grabbed some lunchables that were on sale for $1 a piece and set out!

20150805_123025 20150805_123027

We did take a trail mix snack that we packed into another fun Funshine Express craft! The snack packs were so easy yo make and worked great to carry the trail mix. It was a nice treat to stop and rest and watch the animals along the way.



Even the animals enjoyed some of our treats!


After our adventure day we came home and the girls wrote/drew about their day. They journaled about all the animals, bugs, flowers, etc… they observed and the fun they had.

Thanks Funhine Express for another fun experience with my kiddos! Stress free, low prep kind of fun!!!!!

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