Hey Good Lookin’…Whatcha Got Cookin’!



Funshine Express did it again! Another fabulously fun unit!!!!!

The fireflies LOVED this fun Backyard BBQ/Cooking theme. The got to make their own chef gear and do lots of pretending which is their favorite! They enjoyed all the fun craft ideas that came in this theme like burger book, hotdogs, chef aprons, oven mit, and much much more.

We also used this unit to review healthy food choices with our “My Plate” game. To make the my plate game download the food plate from www.choosemyplate.gov  and use foam food/pretend food to fill the plate. Make a dice with each of the food group colors. Then roll the dice and pick a food from that food group to fill your plate.



We also used some food stickers to pack a picnic using one of this month’s Funshine Freebies!



While the littles were busy pretend cooking the Jitterbugs got to be chefs too.

They created this super cute menu card.



Then came up with a menu that they would make. They planned the meal, created a shopping list, and then I took them shopping for their ingredients.



Each one got their own night to have the kitchen and Mommy all to themselves. They fixed the entire meal and played hostess to the family.

Alyssa choose taco pizza, corn, and blackberry yogurt dessert.





Audrey went big with steak, salad, fruit salad, and chocolate chip cookies.



Both meals were delicious! The idea has now sparked a tradition of having the girls plan and prepare one of the meals each week!

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