Playground Palooza!

August has started off calm and quiet. Kind of like the calm before the school year storm. I only have a few short weeks with my PreK’s before they head off to Kindergarten and their new adventure. I kind of makes me sad to think that I have had some of the kiddos since they began to crawl and now they will be walking out my door for the last time.

We are making the best of the last few weeks and having a great time with our August Funshine Express kit.

The first theme is Playground Palooza. This is a great topic to start off with since the weather is nice and the kids are playing outside. It is also a great tip to review playground safety since some of the kiddos will be leaving for a larger school with more children and different play equipment.

Our book of the month is…

Pick Up the Park (My Little Planet)
It is a great little book about keeping our play areas neat and safe. The pictures are great. There is lots of areas for open disscussion and interaction with the kids. They loved it!

After our story we played one of our math enrichment games “Let’s Play”. The kids love all the games that Funshine provides. They begged to play it again today several times!



Funshine also provides free Enrichmnet Activities and extras each month. This month there is a playground maze, same/different worksheet, playground coloring sheet, and more! Make sure to grab them!!!!

The kids also love the crafts that come with Funshine. Today they created their own sand buckets!



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