School Glue Suncatcher



For most of you, this is the last week of summer break. We still have a couple weeks to go due to my poor planning, our busy schedule, and the girls taking a trip with my parents soon.

So, why not squeeze the most you can out of summer and do some fun crafts this week!!!!

Here is a simple and CHEAP!!! craft that my girls loved!

What you need:

Clear plastic “to-go” container lid ( most restaurants will give you some free!!!!!)

Elmer type school glue (on sale super cheap right now!!!!)

Liquid food coloring


String or yarn

Hole punch

How to:

Fill each lid with a thin layer of glue. Add drops of food coloring around the edges of glue. With toothpick mix and swirl colors.





Allow to dry undisturbed…the hardest part! Ours took about 24 hrs. Less or More depending on amount of glue used.

Punch a hole in top of lid and tie string through to hang. They really are pretty. It is hard to get a good photo!


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