DIY Upcycle Christmas gifts

Since my fall and broken foot episode, money has been tighter with me not working. But I have found some cleaver ways to make Christmas gifts out of left over fabric and odds n’ ends craft supplies.

Here is my 1st project…


These sling purses were super easy and fast to make. I used left over fabric from other projects and beads, buttons, and lace cord to make them. I started with a 9×12 rectangle and a 9×9 square of fabric. I sewed them right sides together and flipped them right side out. Then added the extras.

My 2nd project…


Pocket hand warmers make a great teacher gift. I used left over quilt squares and sewed them into pouches leaving one end open. Then the girls stuffed them with rice and lavender buds. After sewing them shut they are ready to gift. To warm just pop them in the microwave for 10-15 sec.

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