Brrrrr…..It’s Cold!

Baby it’s cold outside!!!! Winter has finally struck Kansas. Luckily we spent last week preparing ourselves for it and studying the Arctic. Funshine Express has done a great Job in the first theme of January. We started off having a blast learning about Animals in the Snow.

Our book of the month is Life in a Polar Region.


It is a very informative book with great pictures to help the kids learn about where and what the polar region is and what lives there.

After our story the kiddos made their own polar regions in their icicle pictures. They enjoyed this very hands on craft, especially tearing the paper and foil.


After the icicle fun we learned about Polar Bears and Penguins. We watched some short documentaries on youtube which I’ll list below. Then made some more Funshine Express crafts!


I really talked to my 5 yr old about realistic coloring and I think she figured it out!

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January Fireflies Extras

Enrichment Activities

Can’t wait to see what Arctic fun this week brings!

Polar Bears and their worlds

Snow and Ice

Penguins of the Antartic

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