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Demme Learning Math U See ReviewIt’s TOS Review Crew time again! This time I have had the huge honor of review a product that I have loved for years!!!!! Math-U-See by Demme Learning. Only now it has a new feature with their Digital Packs!

We have used Math-U-See for over 3yrs now and it has changed the way my kids think about math. Math time used to be filled with tears and fighting. But, after we switched to Math-U-See it became giggles and fun!

Demme Learning Math U See Review
Demme Learning is a great company! It is family owned and operated not a big time company out for our cash. They really have a passion for helping kids learn and taking the frustration out of it. They have two great programs, Math-U-See and Spelling-U-See.

You can find Demme Learning on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

 Demme Learning Math U See Review

Math-U-See is a visual based math program with three main components.

The first is the instruction video. Each lesson is taught in a short video by the company founder Steve. My girls love watching him! He is funny, entertaining, and the girls pick right up on the concepts he teaches. It also helps give me a quick refresher for what we are learning that week.

Next is the blocks. The kiddos favorite part!!!! During the video Steve teaches the kids to build the problem with the blocks to visualize how the math works. It really helps them understand the math concepts.

After they spend some time building and becoming familiar with the math concept for the week they practice using the worksheets. After they have practiced the problems, there is also a test booklet to help record keep and record their learning.

 Demme Learning Math U See Review

Math-U-See comes in many different levels, not grade levels. The first is Primer which focuses on number recognition, writing, and basic addition. Moving up through the Greek alphabet and into Calculus and Stewardship levels.

I currently have one in Primer, one in Delta, and one in Gamma.

Bringing me to the new feature that is offered by Math-U-See, the Digital Packs. Formerly, each teacher pack came with a DVD of the teaching videos (which is still and option). But now they also offer Digital Packs so that the videos can be accessed anywhere you have internet at anytime. I received the GAMMA Digital Pack. This was really helpful for us since we have three learners that had to previously take turns to get their videos watched. Now they can have access on our laptop or on their tablets. It is also helpful for when we do school on the road. The girls usually travel with their tablets and can jump on wifi while thy wait on me at my doctor appointments or treatments and watch their lessons along with lots of other digital learning features that Math-U-See offers.

The Digital Packs have really been a great addition to add to an already great program. It only helped make the best a little better!

The price for the Math-U-See curriculum and Digital Packs vary by level. But, I wouldn’t hesitate making the investment. It really has changed the way my kiddos and I view math!

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Demme Learning's Math-U-See Review

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