A Quick Farm Update!

We are off to the races of spring!!!! We have added so much to the farm this year. Some was planned and some fell in our laps but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

We had planned on adding a real garden to the farm this year. Thanks to my Daddy and daughters for dong most of the grunt work of tilling, weeding and de-rocking.

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Then, my mama and hubby helped them fence it off so the feathered farm dwellers would stopping digging it. It looks great now and is all planted and growing.

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Speaking of feathered farm dwellers, we added three more quackers to the mix.

Meet March, Rubber Ducky, and Cutie!


We also added some more chicks!


Now to the unplanned additions but just as loved!

A farmer friend gave the girls an orphaned calf. He is doing great and has been named Cocoa.


Then comes the latest addition of a farm watch dog. Her name is Skye. She is doing great. She lives in the barn with the goats and they seem to be okay with that. She is already taking her job seriously. She let us know when we had an escapee. She is proud of herself as she watches over them.


Just when you think that is all, we have four mama goats due this year. One should be having her big day this weekend!!!! So more farm baby pictures sure to come!!!!

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