May Day Tradition

May Day

Each May Day as a child my mother helped me make May baskets full of treats and flowers to deliver to my elderly neighbors door steps. I never did the Ding/Dong ditch approach but spent time getting to know them and helping out whenever I could.

Since my girls have been old enough, we have carried on this with elderly, shut-ins and widows of our church. Our numbers have gone up and down. Some have moved and some have passed on. But the girls treasure knowing each one of them and hearing about what May Day was like when they were younger. May baskets are a lost tradition that needs to make a return. It is a great way to teach respect for the older generation and for the older folks to interact with the young. It helps bring the two together and start a lasting bond.

This year we have sixteen on the list! We are delivering early since May Day falls on Sunday this year. We have been doing it so long that most come to expect a visit around this time of year. The girls also get nice cards in the mail as a thank you which has struct up a pen pal packed a time or two.

Here are some photos of the girls making the baskets this year!


Constructing and decorating the baskets.


All decorated!


Filling with treats! We’ll add flower vases tomorrow before delivery.


16 completed baskets waiting for delivery!

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