Rain, Rain, Fun and Play!

We have had a rainy week both outside and IN! Funshine Express was us puddle jumping with fun this week in school. The kiddos have been learning all about what makes rain, rainbows, and clouds.

We have had a little bit of spring storms in all our subjects, including Math with this counting raindrops game.


Lots of fun art project too!


This 3D umbrella is super cute and was a great way to practice folding skills.


This project got our sensory fun kicked up. We mixed black tempera paint and shaving cream to make puffy clouds.


Fine motor skills came to play for this rainy scene. We used eye droppers and blue water color to make rain and practice pinch grip.

Our reading for the week has been…

“What Makes A Rainbow”

“Weather In Spring”

and the Funshine Fireflies book of the month “Raindrops Fall All Around”

Lots of Wet and Wild Raindrop fun!!!!! Thanks Funshine Express!

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