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MaxScholar Reading Intervention Programs Review
Ever since we switched the older girls to a computer based curriculum, our youngest Ashlee has wanted to do “computer school” too. We have tried the main stream advertised curriculum (you know…the one with the mouse) but it fell short and she got bored quickly. Then, this review came up on the TOS Review Crew and I jumped at the chance to grab it!!!!! What is it you may ask? It is MaxScholar Reading Intervention Programs by MaxScholar.

She is little but we decided to go ahead and try Kindergarten this past school year. She new all her letters and sounds going in so we thought she was ready. She picked right up on math, but, struggled in her attention span when it came to reading. Nothing would hold her attention and keep her engaged long enough to really learn how to put the letter sounds together.

We had decided that she needed another year of Kindergarten before moving up. As she puts it, “She is so smart she needs to do Kindergarten twice!” with an enthusiastic tone. haha But, thanks to the MaxScholar programs and some summer work that she is excited for that may not be the case!

MaxScholar Reading Intervention Programs is a fun interactive way to keep kids engaged and excited about reading. It is specifically designed for struggling readers. It specializes in those students with Dyslexia, ADHD, processing issues, and any student with learning difficulties.

There are two main levels of MaxScholar’s program, the K-2 level and the MaxGuru. Basically, any kiddo from preK to grade 12 can benefit from it! PreK’s start with Phonics and work their way up from there. I really liked that it gave her a little fun test to gauge where she was currently at and ten adjust her level accordingly. MaxPhonics also covers blended sounds, sight words, and some writing. Once the phonics are cover the next step is the MaxReading level. In this level, they begin reading, learning more words, and play games.

The Phonics section is most of what we have been working with. It uses 3 types of learning to mater the letters…Visual, Tactile, and Auditory. It goes through what the letter is and then what the sound is. In tactile, it shows how to make the letter, then they trace and then create it. In Auditory, they practice the sound.

After every few letters, a game is played so that you can see what they have mastered before moving to the next letter group.

The first level of reading… Ashlee likes the section that I consider pre-reading. They give her a picture, and then ask her questions about it. This really helps her get ready to make mind pictures of the books she reads and remember what she has read.



She has had a blast learning with MaxScholar and I can’t wait to see how far she has come by the end of summer!

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MaxScholar Reading Intervention Programs Review





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