Rainbow Pencils FlipStir Puzzle by Enlivenze LLC ~ Review

FlipStir Puzzles Reviews

I have a puzzle addict in the house, so when TOS Review Crew was offered a chance to try out FlipStir Puzzles from Enlivenze LLC I jumped at the chance. We Choose the Rainbow Pencils puzzle to try 1st.

If you haven’t hear of FlipStir puzzles, your not alone. But I promise they are worth the try! They are fun for the whole family!!! Basically it is an enclosed puzzle that you solve using a special stick that is manufactured into the top. Our Rainbow Pencils puzzle is a “level 1” and has 10 3D pieces. The “level 2” puzzles have the same number of pieces but are harder images to solve. Level 1’s come in Rainbow Pencils and Tyrannosaurus Rex.The Level 2 options ae Solar System and Statue of Liberty. I thought we would start with the easier.

Here is how FlipStir Puzzles work…

Each puzzle come in a hard plastic cylinder with a paddle type stick inserted into the lid. Start by shaking/stirring the puzzle to mix up the pieces. Then using the wand you rearrange the pieces to make your picture. Hence the Shake~Stir~Solve.

One of the best things about the FlipStir Puzzles is that because it is self contained there are never any lost pieces. That makes this puzzle super portable! You can take it in the car on trips without fearing that something will be lost. It is also made from durable materials and has stood up to my kids well.

My daughter loves it!!! We even have races to see who can complete it the quickest. She wins every time haha

Here is an up close pic of our puzzle. FlipStir Puzzles Reviews

She really can complete is in a mater of minutes! It takes me  alot longer. haha

13925342_10101008514381352_7217137353534583218_n 14039991_10101008514341432_5740701107027130177_n

We give FlipStir Puzzles by Enlivenze LLC a 2 thumbs up!!!!!!!

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FlipStir Puzzles Reviews

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