The Familyman’s Christmas Treasury-Audio Collection ~ Review

The Familyman's Christmas Treasury - Audio Collection {The Familyman} Reviews
I know you are probably taking a double take after reading Christmas in the title of an October blog post, but I wanted to share this with you before the hustle and bustle of the season really hits. Whether you are ready or not, Christmas is coming in about 9 weeks. I have some great  audio books to share with you,  The Familyman’s Christmas Treasury – Audio Collection from The Familyman. These are also available as Digital Downloads.

I received a sample CD of “The Stranger” as well as the Digital Downloads of “Captain Chaos and the Manger Blaster”, “Cootie McKay’s Nativity”, “Gladys Remembers Christmas”, “Harold Grubbs and the Christmas Vest”, “It’s Called Christmas”, “The Bishop’s Dream”, “The Secret of Snow Village” and “The Stranger”. All of these titles plus two more Easter audio’s are available for download here for $3.99-$4.99 per story. However, You can also get six of the Christmas title’s in one 6-CD collection for $25 here!

This collection will provide your family hours of wholesome entertainment for the upcoming holidays. It will make the long drives to relatives houses, grandma/grandpa’s, etc… easier and quicker. It is a collection of stories for the whole family. Each story is between 15-30 minutes in length. So, even the little’s can follow the stories and join in on the fun.

“The Stranger” follows a young boys Christmas adventure as a Stranger entered their Christmas celebration. This story teaches a great lesson about how we treat those who may be different than us. The idea for this story cam from a thought that author Todd Wilson had, What would happen if Jesus visited our little church or home on Christmas night? But instead of being the typical well groomed glowing face of Jesus depicted in all the portraits, he came as a dirty, foul-smelling, homeless person. How would we respond? Would we welcome him in or chase him off?

Another on of my favorites is “Harold Grubbs and the Christmas Vest”. This is a charming story of a grumpy man who surrenders his life to Jesus. This decision changed the man’s life almost like Ebeneezer Scrooge! A father tells his son all about this transformation as he reminisces about the memory over Mr. Grubbs Christmas Vest.

All of the stories have a great moral lesson to them. The stories all point to the real meaning of Christmas, they’re good for bringing up and discussing these lessons with the kids as well. It is easy to lose track of what really matters during the Christmas season. Listening to these audio dramas will help bring Jesus and his ministry back into focus!

These stories are well written and the audio recordings are great. The voice is loud and clear. There are no word stumbles or hard to follow events making it easy for the entire family to enjoy and understand. The length of the dramas is perfect for short car rides (or long) or even to listen too during holiday baking or crafting. We enjoyed them and I hope that you will also!

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The Familyman's Christmas Treasury - Audio Collection {The Familyman} Reviews

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